Confidence, … by Capability and Deliveries

Above is as close as I can get on what Business Consulting and Project Management is about. I could add integrity and overview, – I could add a lot more of course.

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If you want to know why the site was made, go to "Rationale".

The site was started with its roots deep in the COTS implementation projects. You can’t do that without discussing the other type, which is developing your own system.
The site now includes all IT projects regardless COTS or own developing. It compares, discusses differences, but also discusses how they interact and relate to each others.


… there is no such thing as a COTS project.

There are only programs consisting of COTS and a range of subsequent IT projects.
You must master them all, – the lesson learned.


You will also see 2 other major underlying tracks:

  • The site is around projects with Business, Business transformation, – being it with or without systems.
  • The site is also about steering projects, – how to deliver a successful project

(and, – COTS:  Commercially  Off  The  Shelf)

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